Why The Escort Business Demand is increasing in Europe

Technology has strange and interesting ways of connecting people. Owing to live video streaming, live sex camming is taking bigger strides every day. Audiences can become friends with cam girls and engage in sexual conversations. Adult audience is receptive to app-controlled vibrators and sex toys. And there’s something that men of all age, religion, color, background and economic status have a penchant for – Buying sex

Adult entertainment industry has many shades and online escort business is one of the most radiant ones.

Europe is notorious for sex trafficking, prostitution, smuggling and pimping. In countries such as France, buying sex is illegal. Also, in countries such as Norway, Iceland, and Northern Ireland, it’s illegal to buy sex. Understand the fine nuance here – it’s illegal to buy sex. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s illegal to sell sex. In other words, the onus is on the clients that buy sex and not on sex workers. Clients, if found guilty, shall have to face the wrath of the law.

People ask questions as to how to be an escort legally, how to become a female escort, how to start an escort agency, etc. Such questions are dime a dozen on discussion forums, Reddit, Quora, etc. This can be attributed to the fact that there are countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Poland, Austria, Estonia, Finland, etc., where it’s legal to buy sex. In these countries, you can start an escort business without being on the radar of authorities. By the way, several escort businesses masquerade themselves as massage parlous.          

Germany, Hungary and the UK are always in the spotlight for their sex tourism. According to Germany’s Federal Statistics Office, the country’s sex trade contributes more than € 15 billion. It’s estimated to house more than 400,000 sex workers.

Prostitutes in Hungary often travel to Germany and UK. My reasoning is that sex workers are paid well in UK. According to industry analysts, over a million men pay for sex each day in UK.

This industry is largely unregulated. Hence, it’s tough to get absolute number of sex workers working in UK.

There’s a huge market and potential in Germany and UK. In other words, there’s a huge opportunity. Smart entrepreneurs should cash in on this opportunity.

But why do men pay for sex?

Let’s understand the reasons.

Men may not like lifelong monogamous relationships. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Instead of having affairs, men hire escorts, get their sexual desires fulfilled and get back to their routine. Mostly, there isn’t any emotional involvement. There’s no damage done as wives don’t get to know about one-night-stands of their husbands. Everything is confidential.

Women often deny sex after the birth of first / second child. Again, there are rare exceptions. Instead of arguing, men hire sex workers, bang them and pretend as if nothing happened.

Life partners can be judgmental. A few men may want to get dirty. They want to fulfill their kinky desires. Wives may say ‘No’. They just hire escorts and bang their butt holes.

There are many weirdos who have a tough time finding girlfriends. They hire escorts for girlfriend experiences, fuck their brains out and get back to the routine of being weirdos.

In a few cases, men have the blessing and full consent of their wives. Wives may be interested in threesome sessions.

Sometimes, wives play dead during sex. In other words, they appear un-interested. Without emotion, sex is lifeless.

After pregnancy, women become obese and lose their curves. If wives aren’t attractive, erection is impossible.

Other reasons include bad breakups, emotional stress, loneliness, drug addiction, porn addiction, etc.

Europe has a rich culture. As a matter of fact, it has many immigrants, natives, liberals, conservatives, centrists, etc. European men are not alien to the aforementioned scenarios. They have good reasons to see escorts. This brings me to the next question – why do women in Europe want to work with the best escort sites?

Women in Europe are beautiful. They have brains and boobs. But they often don’t use the former. This can be attributed to the fact that economic opportunities in Europe are limited.

There are many low paying jobs that demand sweat, blood and tears. Women in Europe are not interested in breaking a sweat for a pittance. Moreover, the society believes that there’s little merit in honoring age-old taboos.

Women in Germany, Hungary and the UK, have great dreams. They have families to take care of and children to feed. They can make BIG money by working as escorts with some of the best escort sites. Therefore, it’s safe to conclude that many women embark on this journey wholeheartedly.

Starting an escort business in UK is easy. To capture big clients, online presence is mandatory. Right from booking escorts to managing profiles of escorts, every aspect of escort business is addressed by escort management software.

Escort agency scripts are pre-packaged with robust business flow standards. When a user browses through your escort site, he will have access to free content. Premium content is behind a paywall. To book an escort, he has to pay some fee. You will then receive a cut of his fee. The booked escort(s) receives the remaining amount.

Escort agency software scripts are mobile responsive. They are pre-installed with terrific marketing and growth-hacking tools to maximize bookings and earnings. Purchase that escort management software that’s loaded with advanced customization features, chat feature, multiple payment gateways, dashboards, analytics module, etc.

This industry is booming and escort businesses are here to stay. It’s impossible to curb the aggressive growth of this industry. Make hay while the sun still shines. Cheers!

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