Make an escort girl your girlfriend: is this a good idea?

For some, the very idea of going out with an escort to London scares them. The subject is still taboo in some societies. For others, being satisfied with the “benefits” of this kind of people do not bother them at all. On the contrary, they ask for more. Some people even think of going out with one of these girls. Is this a good idea? This is the right question to ask.

The work of an escort girl, it boils down to what?

Widely differentiated from simple prostitutes, an escort girl enjoys a more “honorable” status. Indeed, she enjoys the GFE or also called girlfriend experience. Which means that an escort girl is not just solicited for her sexual abilities. Many clients appeal to her to live a bit of adventure with them as a “girlfriend.” This includes sharing their life, their travels, their business and/or family parties, etc. Although this type of proposal is rare in reality, it is not impossible.

So make an escort to London his girlfriend, good or bad idea?

It depends on everyone’s point of view. Indeed, in theory, an escort in London looks like all the girls and women you can woo in your daily life. Except that you already know that it is his job, to sell to the highest bidder to become the escort of the one who will win. As an escort girl is not always obliged to have sex with their clients, at least not at each meeting, it’s as if you were chasing a girl like any other with a sentimental past to bear. So, a bad or good idea, it will depend on you in the end.

Helpful tip!

Choosing a girlfriend may not be within everyone’s reach. There are those who are shy and can not find the right words to engage in conversation. An escort girl, whether she is in London or elsewhere, is just the kind of girl who takes the lead. It is often a society that denigrates her and judges her work. But it is quite possible to find the rare pearl by rubbing shoulders with them. And then, without trying, you will not know if it’s the right decision for you or not.

Are you respectful of women and their desires? So go on like this because you can not be too much, in the limit of respect for your person and your wishes. And do not be discouraged. Because there is no fatality in your loneliness and even less in your position of “eternal friend.” It’s undoubtedly just a question of timing. You are young, and you have all your time. You will discover the opportunities of everyday life, the world of work, parties with friends. Never close to a meeting.


Regarding the question of escorts, I am quite divided. The problem of a service like a girlfriend experience is that it blurs codes, places, limits. It can be comfortable and reassuring for someone who is taking their first steps as a client in the escort business. But it also destroys the most fragile personalities and is, in fact, only cinema far, far too now, the integrity of a relationship to two to be honest and healthy. In the customer’s position, you have what you ask for and only what you request. No inconvenience, no friction, no sad every day. It can be addictive, like a drug. I am afraid that this kind of experience will take you away from what you want and will not frustrate you more than anything else.

If you’re looking for sex, and it’s your right, give up on the cinema and the illusion of affection and look for a stealthy but honest relationship with a person of sex on apps or dedicated sites. Opposite who would like the same thing. It is by confronting you with the reality that you will gain confidence in yourself, not by masking it. Become strong who you are, with your faults and your qualities. Be honest about your intentions or at least about your deep desires. Ask your friends to help you.

Finally, finally, today’s society has made sex evident and ubiquitous. Everyone must practice, try everything and have multiple orgasms. You are not in failure. Erase this word from your mind, do not focus on what you miss and enjoy the moment. I do not know anyone of your age who does not feel like spoiling his life and who is not afraid of not doing enough. I know because I was one of those. It is at age 30 that we realize the value of what we live at 20. Do not judge yourself too fast. Enjoy.

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