It Takes Two, Baby: 2 West London Escorts Share Their Shocking Life Stories

What’s the life of an escort really like? Two of the top West London Escorts share their personal stories of what it’s really like to get to be one of the West London professionals.

The life of an escort can be a sordid and sometimes dangerous position, but what about the life of West London escorts? Known for its incredible shopping and spectacular University, West London is one of the richest areas of a city that is no stranger to the finer things in life. We interviewed two of the top west London escorts to find out what it’s really like to be a working girl with the West London elite and how they got their name in such a coveted hat.

Belle’s and Whistles

Belle is exactly the type of girl that comes to mind when anyone thinks of west London escorts. Blonde, beautiful, and wickedly intelligent, Belle knew exactly what she wanted and precisely how to get it.

“To say I always knew that I wanted to be one of west London escorts is a bit untrue. I always knew I loved West London. I loved shopping, fashion, art. Everything that West London really stands for. I always assumed that I would go into law, securing a future for myself. I did, go into law, but after spending a few years in practice, it was just too time consuming I felt like all I was doing was working. Yea, the money was great, but I never had the time to focus on the things that really meant something to me. Myself, my time, and intimacy. I think that being a solicitor was far more detrimental to all the things I held dear in my life than being a west London escort ever has been. I accidentally fell into the business as I was representing a girl from one of West London escorts agencies. She looked at me and said ‘you’re really pretty. You could make a killing at my job’. And like that, I quit my firm and began escorting full time.

“I think that I lucked out in falling into one of the best agencies west London has.  I never had shady clients, I’ve never had to do anything I wasn’t comfortable with, and by and large, all of my clients have been extremely lovely men. I make roughly £1,000 an hour, and it’s rare that a client books for anything less than three hours at a time. The work itself is everything I need and more. I get the feeling that I am an asset to my clients, that I help them work out the types of stress that a therapist or barman just can’t touch. It’s really gratifying for me in a myriad of ways. Working as west London escorts also allows me enough free time to focus on my own life as well. It’s the perfect occupation for me.”

In the Zoe

Zoe was your average Indian expat, until she hooked up with one of west London’s top escorting agencies, changing her life and her livelihood forever.

“My family moved to the UK from India when I was incredibly young. My father is a doctor and my mother stayed at home to raise myself and my two sisters. Both of my sisters have gone to Uni to pursue the professions that my family chose for them. I had been at University for about two years when I sort of fell into escorting by accident. A friend of mine paid me to act as his date at his cousins wedding. I told him I didn’t want the money, but after the wedding went off so smoothly, he absolutely insisted, and not only that, but he put me into contact with two of his friends who were also Indian and also needed cover dates. Going stag to any family function as an Indian, or bringing a date that’s not a “good Indian girl” is an absolute no go in my culture. So I discovered that for most guys, it’s just way easier to purchase an Indian girl to be your date for the evening than explain to your mother again why you haven’t met someone…

“So this ended with me working at a west London escorts agency and I absolutely love it. I technically work part time, while I finish up my work at Uni. It’s really an amazing job. I make my own hours and a great deal of money. The hard part is that I can’t tell my parents, they would absolutely NEVER approve, but for my life otherwise, it’s a perfect fit. The men I get to meet are incredible: kind, thoughtful, intelligent. They all bring me small gifts, or take me out to really nice dinners, then I get to open up their world to something that India knows better than any other country in the world- how to have great sex.” 

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